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Why is Vaping CBD Oil with a Pen Dangerous?

While there are many CBD-rich strains on the market, more and more people abandon smoking in favor of CBD vape oil. Amidst the current state, the users of this oil are claiming that their method of CBD intake is far more potent and far safer than traditional methods of intake, like dabbing and smoking.

Some experimental methods have indeed proven that CBD vape oil does indeed provide stronger therapeutic effects, as the oil is only heated, not burned. While this may be an encouraging fact for users of CBD vape oil, there are several things you have to pay attention to.

First of all, not all CBD vape products are created equally. It’s quite the opposite – you have to choose your oil, cartridges, and brands very carefully. Your priority should be to get the strongest and safest product at the same time.

It’s pointless to use CBD vape oil if you have a health hazard on your hands. Thankfully, you can avoid putting yourself in such a situation. To help you navigate the world of CBD vape oil products and accessories, we’ve assembled this piece. In it, we’re going to take a look at why can the use of a vape pen be dangerous with CBD oil.

The cuticle wax factor

Let’s get into botany a bit. When a cannabis plant reaches its flowering phase, the blooming flowers develop lipids on their surface during this development phase. These lipids consist of multiple layers, one of which is cuticle wax, which is the outer oily layer.

Now, when a person administers cannabis via smoking, this wax layer is burned away by the high temperatures and disappears. Therefore, it doesn’t cause concerns when it comes to respiratory health.

However, keep in mind that vaping uses much lower temperatures. Vaporization by definition uses a temperature that is just high enough to cause a chemical reaction.

Because of this, the cuticle wax doesn’t burn out and instead gets inhaled, where it’s left to remain in your lungs. Long-term use may cause the collection of cuticle wax in the lungs. This is a big issue with CBD vape oil.

But, how can you avoid this?

The good news is that this phenomenon is not unavoidable. To avoid having cuticle wax collect in your lungs, look for a CBD vape oil that has undergone the process of winterization.

What is winterization? Well, it’s a chemical process which removes all the waxes, oils and fatty parts of the cannabis plant, all of which have a higher melting point than the rest of the plant.

Not sure about whether your CBD vape oil has been winterized? Look for a label or call the company to check with them. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

The addition of thinning agents

In addition to cuticle wax, there is also one other safety concern when talking about CBD vape oil. It’s potentially even more hazardous that cuticle wax inhalation.

We’re talking about the addition of dangerous chemicals, ones that are present in a multitude of CBD vape oils. Why are brands adding these hazardous compounds into their CBD oil in the first place?

Raw cannabis oil, when extracted, is not like your regular sunflower oil. It’s more like coconut oil, which means that it’s viscous and thick, too thick to be used in vape pens that work on electric heater coils.

To prepare the oil for vape use, it has to be treated. Many brands use hazardous thinning agents to achieve their desired form of the CBD vape oil. And this is not a good practice.

There are many different ways that this can be done with, many of which are completely safe, but cost more money. To avoid this expense, companies usually add propylene glycol and polyethylene glycol.

These two substances are used in nicotine-containing vape liquids and are linked to the development and the acceleration of cancerous cells. This is not something you want in your CBD vape oil.

How can you avoid this?

Before purchasing any product whatsoever, never hesitate to contact the company. If they are legit and reputable, they will have no problem telling you about their thinning process and what they use.

Also, everything should be visible on the bottle of the CBD vape oil. Therefore, it’s best that you first check out all the brands at a physical store and then decide which to use. Just make sure there are no artificial thinning agents. It can be done in several natural ways.

Tips on vaping CBD oil safely and without health hazards

The first thing you have to focus on is to have a quality vape pen. Make sure it’s specialized for use with CBD vape oil, not just nicotine-containing juices. The most important characteristic you have to be on the lookout for is the temperature of the heating coil.

According to several sources, 210 degrees Celsius is the ideal temperature. It’s the ideal balance between safety and the efficiency of the smoke produced. In the world of CBD vape pens, less is more, and you shouldn’t even go near vape pens that produce temperatures higher than 210 degrees.

Also, another thing to watch out for is to use the right oil. There is a difference between CBD vape oil and regular CBD oil for oral administering. One is dangerous when heated, the other is meant for use with a vape pen. So, pay attention when you’re buying. Many of our readers have made this mistake and have almost endangered their health.

Final thoughts

The truth is that we know very little about the long-term effects of using CBD vape oil. As a method of treatment, vaping CBD oil has existed for only a small amount of time. To know the hazards of vaping in full, more years need to pass, and more trials need to be conducted.

For now, you have to focus on the quality and temperature of your pen, as well as the existence of hazardous compounds in your oil. It’s the least you can do to ensure the safe use of CBD oil.

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